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16th Aug, 2009 20:15 (UTC)
Christopher Lee as Saruman or Count Dooku. Thanks.
21st Aug, 2009 16:00 (UTC)
O hai thar! *snuggles*

I meant to ask you before this, but I've been rather distracted lately, anyway, I was wondering if you're not stupidly busy, would you be able to make me some icons of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I need him to be the human!Librarian, and after trawling through stacks of things trying to find a ginger, NOTskinny, middle-aged man I was recommended him and although he's not quite old enough, it's close enough for rock and roll, and I do need the icons before I can get moving on the rest. I'm in no massive hurry though, so don't rush on my account.

I've got a picture reference of him if you want it, but it's only the one, and I'm sure putting his name into google works just as well. I would do them myself, only my icons are always shite.

Thank you!
( 2 said their piece — Have something to say? )